Managed internet security: Could this be the right solution for your business?  

Many businesses are turning to managed Internet security as a solution. It can be very cost-effective.

An internet connection is essential for almost all businesses. An Internet connection can expose your business to all kinds of new threats like hackers, viruses, bandwidth theft, and inappropriate internet usage by insiders. It is imperative to protect your company’s information security. Many businesses, particularly smaller ones, lack the technical resources and expertise required to protect their information security. They will need to outsource their internet security requirements to a specialist security company to manage them. Read more now on

Managed Internet Security is a natural extension of outsourcing business processes. This has been a trend for many years. For example, outsourcing payroll, finance and training functions. It is a relatively new development, however, and does not have the same high profile as other outsourcing business processes. It is unfortunate, as managed Internet security is an important development in the ongoing fight against computer threats and can be an integral part of a company’s information risk management strategy.

Specialist firms can help with many areas of computer security in an organization, including the core aspects.

Monthly web application scanning: A monthly scan of your web applications is essential in identifying potential vulnerabilities that could have been exploited by hackers. An experienced tester should review the automated scan in addition to it. Automated tools won’t always give all the information they need.

Monthly network vulnerability assessments: A monthly review of your network security can detect problems before hackers do. This will be in addition to the more frequent full penetration testing.

PCI Audit: All companies that are licensed under the Payment Card Industry Regulations (PCI), must undergo this type of testing. This must be done regularly by a qualified company.

Outsourcing your information security management can be added to your company’s managed web security solution. This can be done on a temporary or permanent basis and make use of the expertise of a specialist computer security company.

You will almost always find it more cost-effective to use managed Internet security services than developing the same resource internally, particularly for smaller businesses that don’t have the budget to hire specialist staff. A managed Internet security solution can also be cancelled at any time or increased in volume at any time. This solution does not require the purchase of specialized software or spending time updating one’s technical knowledge. Managed Internet security is the clear winner, even for the largest companies. It should be considered seriously by any company with an Internet connection.

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